Testing resting HR

I regularly test my resting pulse, recently it has been around 57.  This morning my pulse has developed a noticeable irregularity.  With hindsight, I should have presented at A&E, but my partner, (nursing diploma, though not currently working as a nurse) thinks there is nothing wrong with me beyond getting older. Strangely, I am not finding this either reassuring or helpful, but wait for my allotted appointment


Sparrow #15

I didn’t get round to sending the broken strap back, but I had decided that I really need to get back to fitness.  As i had three bikes in regular use, a power meter would be pointlessly expensive for me and so i definately needed to train to HR.  I bought a new Polar strap, with the intention of throwing the Polar sensor and fitting the Garmin one as recommended by web forums.  Disappointingly, this still gave a high HR.

The penny finally dropped and I realised I must have some form of heart problem. I made an appointment with the doctor; well doctor appointments are apparently almost impossible, so opted for the earliest available appointment with practice nurse in four weeks time.