ECG result?

I rang the doctors for the ECG results but they were apparently lost in the post.  I had to arrange to have them resent from the hospital, as the surgery could not do this.  Strange way to deal with an illness that may have a stress related element to its cause.


HR Zone 3 trip to mother’s

I have still had no medical advice after ECG; after I had waited for a call from the doctor for four days without hearing, I made the assumption that I did not have anything life threatening and decided that allowing myself to get too unfit would be counterproductive.  I resumed cycling; gentle and flat (or as gentle and flat as it can be in Chesterfield).  I decided to restrict myself to 153 HR, which was within my normal aerobic capacity.  I found it difficult to control; the 25 mile round trip to my mothers had an average HR of 150, but rose to 185 on the uphill past the railway station, and I was definitely not putting down the power at that (or any) stage.


I attended Chesterfield Royal Hospital for an ECG.  I actually felt a bit of a fraud, everyone else in the waiting room was either twice my weight, 15 years older or both. I left having been given no information at all, other than that the results would be sent to my GP.  I have generally been quite healthy, and did not even know who my GP was.

Visit to nurse

I saw the practice nurse at the local surgery. BP was 136/100, and the irregular pulse was obvious.  I was referred to the Royal Hospital for ECG; I suggested an exercise ECG, but was told that would not be necessary at this time. in fact, she advised me not to exercise – at all.