Rollers at 130 bpm

Message received from cardiologist via Dr.  I should continue to exercise, but keep to a maximum HR of 130.  I have lost 5mph on average trying to keep to this compared to 150.  Still looking good on the monthly and weekly strava statistics though.



I am struggling to control my HR at 150; there seems to be a feedback loop operating.  My heart wants to beat faster, but it is less efficient so not enough blood is pumped.  My body needs more oxygen, so my heart tries to beat faster, but works even less efficiently so lower oxygen etc. until I am crawling along at 200 BPM.

Decided to stick to rollers in near future.  Easy to control at 150 on rollers and on the plus side the 25mph averages put me high up on the club’s weekly strava boards.

Visit to Dr Allaway

The doctor had attended a presentation on athlete’s heart and AF in triathletes the previous week, and was interested as my symptoms seemed to be a textbook case.

My CHA2DS2 score is 0, denoting my level of chances of a stroke.  This is good as AF increases the chance of stroke significantly.  I found out later that this is not a zero risk of stroke, but a zero risk score; there is still an associated statistical risk of 1.8% in any year.  I don’t like those odds; they mount up after a few of years of compounding.  All my dad’s siblings have had strokes.