Cardiologist at Royal Hospital

This was a general chat not a fact finding exercise. I think he had already decided on the best approach before I entered the office.  I would need to be anticoagulated, followed by a cardioversion, followed by an ablation.  I felt much more told than consulted, but as I was expecting to have to argue for the ablation rather than a year of chemical intervention, I was quite pleased.

I was prescribed beta blockers to slow down the heartbeat and reduce blood pressure: bisopropolol 2.5mg, interestingly should not be used with a compromised liver.  I was told I would be contacted by the anticoagulation nurse, to decide on the appropriate drugs.

I asked about cycling, he said to continue as I was with a limit of 130.  I explained that my previous tested max HR when healthy was 183, and showed him graphs of pre and post AF rides.  He seemed surprised.  He also had no worries about me going on holiday.

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