Sunday lunch

Apparently, I have not entirely stopped drinking; one small glass with dinner today.  This was the first drink for a fortnight.


Side effects

I have started to notice side effects of the drugs, slight cough, fatigue, aching legs, failure to concentrate (Bisoprolol) and itching (Rivaroxaban).  Discovered that the bleed issues were not so bad after accidentally kicking the bed frame in the dark.

Visit to Anticoagulant Nurse

This had been booked for me on 2nd August, but the letter came while I was on holiday.  The nurse agreed to see me at the first opportunity, rather than wait for a normal appointment as I was booked for Cardioversion (CV) on 15th September and there was a possibility that this would have to be postponed if I went another week without anticoagulant.

We discussed Warfarin and NOACs and decided on Rivaroxaban; this would not need weekly blood tests, would not need to be regulated and more importantly the CV would not be delayed.  I rang the Cardiologist, to inform him I was now coagulated; it was deemed that this was not sufficient time before the procedure, the CV would have to be delayed until October 13th.


Holiday in France.  First two days in the Loire Valley, followed by ten days in the Dordogne and a further two days in the Loire on the way back.  We took all the family bikes.  I had a couple of beta-blocked rides in Saumur which felt very good.  The Dordogne was fairly lumpy terrain, but not as long or steep as the peak district at home.  This gave me two instances of high HR. One on a steepish slope back to the site; I hit 169 so had to stop and rest.  The second was on a downhill; 176.  This was weird, was I too nervous through being out of practice?

Not too many side effects from the beta blockers, just that I did not feel particularly fit, although I was able to cycle reasonably well, if slowly uphill. I became out of breath very quickly when running, e.g. playing Frisbee with my son.

The holiday spirit overwhelmed me and overall too much wine was drunk.  These are words I have never used before in the same sentence.  In spite of this my resting pulse has fallen to 47.