Patient record

My access to my medical notes has been granted. I was disappointed to find that although notes about my infant innoculations and appedectomy were added, there was nothing else from any contact with the NHS prior to my recent episode.

I spent a lot of time looking through the recent notes, picking up abnormal levels, and researching what they mean.  An interesting note on 31/08/2016, no visit to anyone on this day, but two notes on the patient record.  “NOAC compliance 30/11/2016” and “NOAC review 30/08/2017”.  Looks like I may be on these pills for a while.  Perhaps worth updating with an annual prepaid prescription when the current one runs out.


General health

My weight up to 83.2 Kg; this is the heaviest I have been for a long time. My blood pressure  is 117/70, although home meter not very reliable and often refuses to read.

Prescription for both drugs due next week, as i am likely to be on a cocktail of drugs until at least the end of the year, I bought a three-monthly prepayment certificate.

I requested access to my medical notes from the surgery; I feel i am not getting the full picture from my chats with medical professionals.

London journey

I had a meeting in London today. I left home at 6:30am and did some work on the train.  I noticed that I had difficulty in walking up tube stairs; an unusual feeling, washed out rather than breathless.  I remembered the feeling as similar to several occasions prior to diagnosis.  I fell asleep on train on way back.

Health Unlocked

I discovered the Health unlocked AF forum.

There are an odd mix of posters on this forum; many terrified of AF, even when symptom free, others more stoic.  I assume the majority discovered their AF through serious symptoms, whereas I found mine early through exercising using Heart Rate.  Also I suspect that members who are “cured” tend to drop out more often than those with more serious issues.

Overall, I do find the posts useful.

Blood tests

Liver function blood tests, according to receptionist, result only just above normal.

(EDIT) Later, when I gained access to my medical record I googled the tests,  apparently  alcohol raises GGT for 24 hours.  The previous day’s small glass may have affected the result.