Rivaroxaban review

Phone call from Pharmacist, deferred from 24/11.  No issues, just a bit of a tick sheet to complete.  Mainly interested in if I had had any bleeds and if I carry an anticoagulant card.

Checked the medical record, my Cockroft-Gault formula calculation (kidney effectiveness) is 90.47.  Google shows that this formula is no longer thought of as accurate or valid.  However, a typical result for a 53 year old man would be somewhere between 85 or 95 (possibly less; there is no reference to annual decline between the ages of 2 and 40) So it looks like my irrelevant and inaccurate test is good.


Liver results

Phone call from Dr. Allaway.  Gastroenterologist suggests liver issue could be related to coeliac disease, iron deficiency or a rare hepatic illness; further blood tests needed.  Rivaroxaban review also requires a full blood count in November, so that’s probably an armful in total.  On the plus side she doesn’t see any need for me to keep off the wine, within normal limits.  Presumably more current rather than previous normal limits.

Cardiology consultation

Visit to Cardiologist.  Short visit, not even sure I really needed to be there.  I detailed the dates when I went in and out of AF; already passed on through his secretary. He wanted to know how much better I felt in NSR; I explained that although I was pleased to have a normal heartbeat, the Bisoprolol was affecting me worse than the disease.  I explained the sleep disruption, breathlessness, feelings of fatigue and lack of concentration.  Apparently, I need to remain on the drug and hopefully get used to the side effects.  I will be called in for another CV and will then be given flecainide as well to keep me in NSR.  I will be referred to Sheffield for ablation.