Chest improving

I am feeling much better, although was tempted at one stage to visit A&E. I discovered later that A&E were inundated with people with chest infections and two colleagues were admitted to the wards for treatment.


Bad cold

I cancelled my attendance at a meeting in Nottingham.  I did not want to infect our assessor and tutor base. It was delivered well without me.  I also cancelled a pre-Xmas visit from friends on 23rd.

Coeliac disease

Serum tissue transglutaminase (tTg) was the main coeliac marker and had to be analysed at Derby, so took a few days extra.  tTg level was 0.7 u/ml (should be between 0 – 5).  Two immunoglobin results are also relevant, with IGA at 2.62 g/l (0.8 – 4) and IGG at 10.3 g/l (6 – 16).  Normal, no further action.  Will probably have a few (too many) drinks over Xmas.

Blood tests

My latest blood test results are in.  I can’t work out which relate to the Coeliac issue, but all normal except for two of the liver function tests.  GGT now down to 113 and serum ferritin still at 480.

I have developed a terrible cold and chest infection.  No decongestants available due to contraindications with medication.


Not well at all today.  I am very tired and and suffering with brain fog.  I had to drive to Peterborough for my Performance Plan annual review.  My line manager gave quite a reasonable review, for which I was grateful, although my opinion was that my performance had been terrible this year; I had the first days off ill for 14 years and had forgotten loads of stuff throughout the year.  Although AF and medication are a serious mitigating factor.  Decided not to travel to head office for Thursdays meeting.