Liver again

In spite of the doctors belief that my GGT is not alcohol related I plotted a graph of units consumed against GGT readings.  It looks to me like a perfect correlation between the GGT points and the 3 monthly moving average of my daily units intake.  (There is no logical or statistical reason for selecting a three-monthly period for sampling; I used it as it shows an apparent correlation).  I will have to see how the week of drinking over Xmas has affected the result in my next tests, if there is a rise on the previous result, it will implicate alcohol.


I received the details of my appointment with electrophysiologist at the Northern General on  16th January.  I am ridiculously pleased, because this seems close (although my referral was October)  I am still waiting for the notification of my next cardioversion, but this is likely to be the second week in February.

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