Blood tests

I received a text from the surgery asking me to call in; my GGT levels are back up.  My file had a slightly more detailed recommendation from the Doctor than that on my patient record, so the receptionist read it out to me.  “Normal, but slightly high, retest in three months.” The normal limits for GGT are 8-61 and I am double the upper limit; not sure that counts as “slightly” high.

My results are showing a remarkable correlation with the 90 day moving average of units (no reason for this calculation, 90 days was taken at random).   It seems to me that the alcohol must be affecting the levels, but the Doctor’s advice is that there is no problem and I may just have naturally high levels of GGT; perhaps both are true.  I will take this graph with me next time I visit.  Appointment for next blood test set for April.

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