Mate died

A very stressful day, yesterday.  I have known him for 41 years; three of us did everything together, at school and after leaving.  We saw literally thousands of bands and formed our own.    He was found dead after a fall on the saturday evening, and I found out just before work today.  I have been surprised at the level of grief, much more than when my father died.  Not sure why; perhaps a bit of guilt that I hadn’t seen him so much over the last couple of years, when he had a few health issues that I didn’t really know about, perhaps my own mortality is worrying me.  Probably the Bisoprolol is showing its depressive effects.

Coupled with having to take my mother to her sisters funeral today, it was all too much. Dry January ended much wetter than it was supposed to; 3/4 of a bottle of wine gone.

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