Funded courses

Finally, an end to a stress filled 7 days.  We had some funding coming to an end; this resulted in me (and a colleague) travelling up and down the NW sorting out assignment completions. This was several long and difficult days.

And relax.


Dave’s funeral

I had recovered from my excess grief, and was back on a normal level.  I thought that This Mortal Coil’s Song to the siren was a spectacularly apt choice of music, based on his obsession with Liz Fraser and the nature of the lyrics.  Brilliant to see so many people that I had lost touch with.  I sort of felt guilty about enjoying it so much.


Bike is now together; everything fits and is working perfectly.  The only issue is brake reach; I can’t have the wheel too far back in the dropout.  This means that there is little room to play with gearing.  This could be an issue as the 44/20 gearing may be a bit too harsh for my recovery period, but excellent for the canal paths at the moment.

Ephgrave 01


Getting less fit

I am developing a noticeable belly.  Cycling outside on the rollers is not so appealing in icy weather, and I am finding it harder on hills.  Another vicious circle related to the AF.  I am doing less volume and intensity of exercise due to the AF. So I am losing fitness and therefore unable to maintain the volume and intensity of exercise, so i am losing fitness.

As I am more and more restricted to flat roads, I have rebuilt my old track bike as a singlespeed cross to allow me more variety of park areas.  Just waiting for the tyres, 30mm knobblies.  They should fit, the bike originally had 27″ by 1 1/8″ tyres.  Brakes appear to have sufficient clearance.

Appointment brought forward?

I arrived home after work to discover an appointment for Mr. Hunter at NGH.  This is for  Wednesday 8th February.  I was quite pleased, thought it might be something to do with a cancellation.  Unfortunately not, according to the cardiac dept., the 8th Feb was the original date and the 1st March the amended date.  Strange, but the letter is dated after the ones inviting me to the 1st March