Back to Cardiology

I was working away Friday, so I had to take off the monitor myself and bring it in this morning.  This was a brief visit; monitor handed back, ECG and blood pressure taken, last bit of paperwork cleared up and the results of my randomised allocation of procedure given.  Hybrid ablation.

This is the mini-maze ( followed by catheter ablation (

Mini-maze; entry is made through the chest wall, the atrial appendage is clamped off and a scarring pattern is made on the outside of the heart.  This isolates the pulmonary veins and stops the chaotic electrical signals from disrupting the heart.

This is followed three months later by a catheter ablation  on the inside of the heart that will clear up any remaining electrical signals.

I am pleased; I will be given two weeks notice of the first procedure, which is expected to be April or early May and I will then be on a conveyor belt to a cure.

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