A quick check up visit today, made lengthier by my answer to the question, “Any changes to your health recently“.  I wasn’t sure whether I had any tooth problems, because jaw pain is a side effect of my medication and have had an occasional dull ache in my jaw since starting my recent drug habit.  Apparently its a problem with a wisdom tooth, the dentist has washed her hands of it entirely and insists it is dealt with by the dental unit at hospital (luckily, as this is much cheaper for me).  She wants me to contact the cardiologist to ask his opinion on whether it needs to be done as an emergency prior to the mini-maze or if it could be left until after.

She did not make it clear why there was a problem, and when I asked what I should say as background to the question, she had nothing to add.  I suspect she is just trying to avoid making a decision while passing any liability on to me.

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