Ablation day

I started at 5:30 with a shower and a weird pre-op energy drink; it tasted like lemonade with all the water removed. I was so excited and enthusiastic the theatre staff had to calm me down, but they decided to let me walk to the theatre. The pre-op reassurance was brilliant and there was no anxiety. I woke up four hours later to find one drain already removed and staff in discussion about whether to remove the other. I felt spectacularly well, but this may have been due to the morphine and or tramadol; I am not sure whether I had either of these but recall them being mentioned to me. Then again I may have been on morphine and/or tramodol, so I have no idea what was really being said to me at this point.

I was removed to recovery after the second drain was taken out and seemed to be making good progress, I stayed in NSR throughout. I was told to drink much more water as my catheter bag was filling slowly; I seemed to be drinking a lot already, but I complied. Looking at my stomach, I thought I was retaining water and wondered whether the catheter was working.

I did not sleep well that night as a woman in the bed opposite was having breathing problems; they decided she needed a CPAP mask, but she refused and complained loudly about it for the next 8 hours.

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