Ablation day +3

It occurred to me early on that I may not have been entirely fair with the other two patients and that my perception of their moaning may have also been partly my own grumpiness due to the circumstances of the previous day.

The reflux had calmed down a little and things seemed better looking out at the sunshine.  The physiotherapists took me for a short walk around the ward, up and down a flight of stairs and decided that I was OK to release.  I also seemed to have lost 4kg over the previous week.  Four stitches and the catheter were removed and I was finally allowed to leave at 7 p.m. clutching a drug bag the size of a weekly shop:

Amiodarone for rhythm control

Bisoprolol for rate control

Lanzoprasole for acid reflux

Colchicine for myocarditis

Rivaroxaban for anticoagulant

Codiene and Paracetemol for pain relief.

I had been fed in the hospital, so pretty much went straight to bed after returning home.  On reaching the bedroom, I had uncontrollable shivering until I got into bed.  Too tired to sleep, so drifted in and out of conciousness watching Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s Trip to Spain.  Mrs JohnMIOSH slept with the daughter.  In and out of AF throughout the day.

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