Ablation day +11

Woke up in AF, but NSR after an hour and remained in NSR all day

Off to the doctors to have stitches removed; wounds clean, scar tissue forming nicely, nothing more to do. Discovered that I should have been told to stop the colchicine if I developed diarrhoea. Oh well, I’m OK now so may as well continue..  Called in to work and let them know I would be off for another week.

Overall, I walked a mile into town to the Doctors, then a mile around town on a fruitless hunt for a non-embarrassing hat (for sun protection, needed because of the amiodarone), then home, followed later to the shop and back for bread.  So approximately four miles in total.  I was allowed not to use the compression stockings any more.  Appointment with doctor on Thursday to get sick note for second week.

Pictures taken after removal of stitches; the bruising was more widespread earlier, but entry wounds were covered by waterproof dressings

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