Ablation day +14

Good night’s sleep again. Considering first post-op drive and gentle bike ride.

Went to do the weekly shop with daughter, without problems and visited my mother.

My bike ride was along the valley, deliberately avoiding all climbing.  The significant element of this ride was the HR, a maximum of only 119 instead of 145.

Bruising remaining visible on the two largest entry points and still feeling bruised internally, but nothing particularly painful.  Early days, but now considering the first op to be somewhat of a success; I feel really good, the brain fog and lethargy appears to have gone and I feel much better than I have for nearly a year.

NSR Trace 21-04

ECG from this morning.  HR 20 BPM higher than usual, but rhythm almost normal and P-wave getting stronger.  I’m hoping this is more to do with the ablation than the amiodarone.

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