Back at work

Easter is over and I am back at work, as are the kids.  I am working from home for a few days, but still need to be up at 7a.m. to ensure the kids get to school.  There are 144 emails waiting for me, but only a couple actually need any action.  Everybody, including my boss, is being good and telling me to take it steady.  I became very tired in the afternoon, but think this is due to being lazy for the last couple of weeks rather than the illness or the demands of work.

Looking back over the last fortnight, (which now feels like several months), I find it difficult to believe how far I have come from the low point of the Sunday two days after the ablation.  The pain inside the chest has gone, and I can only feel a little tenderness around the entry points.  I have been consistently in NSR since half way through the morning of the 18th.  I am told that the other person to have the same procedure was in NSR permanently after his operation, so I am hoping the lesions have settled down now and my current state is not just due to the amiodarone.

I have my appointment with Dr. Hunter booked for 24th May, six weeks and five days after the first op.  Hopefully, there will be no waiting list problems and could have the second op at the start of July.

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