Other people’s problems?

A Strava acquaintance proudly posted his latest ride with the title HR average 220 for 10 minutes.  I didn’t want to be a killjoy, but I replied suggesting he may want to investigate this as the HR trace he posted looked exactly the same as my early pre-diagnosis traces.


Long ride

I completed a 23 mile bike ride on Saturday, not really long, but the longest one since November last year.  Low HR, no breathlessness and felt quite good, 14mph average.  Hills are still off the menu, and I am conscious of the heart remodelling process. But overall I am satisfied with progress.

Six-weekly review

X-ray, “Very good”; ECG, “Very good”; Blood pressure, “Very good”; Healing, “Nothing to worry about”; weight “OK”.

I had a long chat with the Cardiologist, (not Dr. Hunter).  For the first time in a consultation, I felt they were listening to what I said and not just going through the motions.  He was keen to hear about the occasions when I noticed the arrhythmia return, and decided I need to go on a 72 hour monitor sometime in the near future.  I still have a wound that loses the scab in the shower and bleeds; apparently this is also OK, not related to an infection, but probably something to do with the internal suture.

I am to stay on the Amiodarone and the Lansoprazole until my next review in another six weeks, and may be able to come off the Amiodarone at that time.  I need to be on the Lansoprazole until I come of the Rivaroxaban; it is apparently protecting against a internal bleed in the stomach.

Six weeks post ablation

I am generally feeling a little better every week.  Looking back, I am so much livelier now than at week two, but even then I was so improved that I was ecstatic about my progress.

The last existing wound seems finally about to heal; I’m not sure whether there was a problem, but the scab has been loose and repeatedly came off in the shower.  I have been mainly in NSR with a few short instances of Arrhythmia but nothing to worry too much about.

The Amiodarone does not appear to have caused any problems, although people tell me how healthy I am looking, which possibly be due to excessive sun exposure.   Hopefully not, as I have been keeping indoors on the few sunny days we have had so far and venturing out covered in factor 50 and an unflattering cap on the cloudy days.

My six weekly review with the cardiologist is next week and will include an ECG and an X-ray.

Talk with research nurse

I needed to check on my Amiodarone usage; the discharge papers said discontinue after six weeks and my appointment with the doctor is at six weeks and a half.  I called the research nurse, to check.  There seems to have been an error with the papers and I should remain on the drug for at least three months.  I will need a repeat prescription, and should ask about it at my review session next week.

I also asked about the AF from yesterday. I was told it is not considered to be AF until at least three months after the procedure; I should just consider it to be my heart adjusting during the blanking period.

My second ablation will not be scheduled next week; I will have a further review at three months and will be placed on the waiting list then.  I may well be the first to undergo the second ablation as the previous person is struggling with warfarin and is not close to being suitable for the procedure

Safeguarding course

Although the option was open to me to take the train, I thought that driving  to Birmingham would be the easier option.  The day started badly, I knocked the scab off my last remaining wound in the shower and didn’t notice until the blood showed through my shirt.  I had to wait for the bleed to stop coming through the plaster before changing the shirt.  I set off at 7:30 for a 10:00 meeting, allowing extra time as I was expecting slow traffic.  Luckily, the radio informed me of an hours delay on the A38, so I took my less favoured route down the M1.  Unfortunately, there was a lane closure on the M1 and a crash on the M42; I went via the M69 and arrived a mere five minutes late.

The course was quite stressful, Safeguarding and Prevent, involving role-play with professional business actors.

We left thirty minutes before the advertised finish time only to find the Aston Expressway closed and gridlock around Birmingham.  I arrived home after another 2 ½ hours to a cup of tea.  The Kardia told me I was in AF, although not as bad a trace as previously; there still seems to be a noticeable P wave.

15-05-17 HR

Not sure whether this was related to the long day, the drive or the course, but I had not been feeling too good all day.  Finally back in NSR after a few hours; this is probably nothing to worry about.

Work in London

This is my first long working day out since the ablation; catching the 07:01 train with meeting due to finish at 16:00.  I didn’t sleep particulary well; I imagine this was due to worrying about missing the train.

In the shower, I managed to scratch the last wound that is not completely healed; the instrument port wound on my left side.  It bled for a while, but not too much and stopped quickly enough to allow me to put my shirt on and not get blood on it.  There is still a bit of redness behind the cut and I am starting to wonder if there may be a slight infection there, as the other wounds have healed over.

I turned out to be the only one present who had reviewed the document we were amending prior to the meeting; which meant that I was heavily involved in the discussion throughout the day.

The meeting finished an hour early, allowing me to get an earlier train.  On the way back I managed to read a magazine and not fall asleep, which was a small victory compared to recent journeys.

Working towards fitness

I had a couple of rides out at the weekend; not completely flat, but with very little climbing.

Saturday was a steady solo in gloomy weather, but Sunday was a very warm day.  I left it until 4:30 and doused myself in factor 50, which seems a strange thing to have to do in the UK in May.

I am finding it difficult to keep to 120 HR, not because my heart is out of control, but because I feel healthy enough to go faster.  However 130 still makes me short of breath in the way that 165 would have done 18 months ago.  I am still only four weeks on from the operation, so I am continuing to restrict myself on HR while trying to go further and more often.

Four weeks post-ablation

This is the second week back at work, and I am still not quite as motivated as I should be.  Most of the tenderness has gone, but I still feel a little muscle soreness on the front of the chest and sneezing is quite painful.  My scars are disappearing nicely and I have remained in NSR for seventeen days.  I have been exercising regularly, from a half mile walk around the block on the first day out of hospital, to 18 miles along the valley on the bike this week.  I am managing to keep the HR below 120, although the only advice I had been given was not to go so far and get so tired that I couldn’t get back home.

No issues with the drugs so far, although people have commented that I look quite healthy, with colour back in my cheeks.  Hopefully,  this is more to do with the return to NSR and feeling better than it is to UV sensitivity.

One small issue, late last night I used the Kardia and got a slightly irregular trace, which the software decided was normal.

Normal but 05-05

This is probably nothing to worry about and it was back to completely normal in the morning.