Four weeks post-ablation

This is the second week back at work, and I am still not quite as motivated as I should be.  Most of the tenderness has gone, but I still feel a little muscle soreness on the front of the chest and sneezing is quite painful.  My scars are disappearing nicely and I have remained in NSR for seventeen days.  I have been exercising regularly, from a half mile walk around the block on the first day out of hospital, to 18 miles along the valley on the bike this week.  I am managing to keep the HR below 120, although the only advice I had been given was not to go so far and get so tired that I couldn’t get back home.

No issues with the drugs so far, although people have commented that I look quite healthy, with colour back in my cheeks.  Hopefully,  this is more to do with the return to NSR and feeling better than it is to UV sensitivity.

One small issue, late last night I used the Kardia and got a slightly irregular trace, which the software decided was normal.

Normal but 05-05

This is probably nothing to worry about and it was back to completely normal in the morning.

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