Work in London

This is my first long working day out since the ablation; catching the 07:01 train with meeting due to finish at 16:00.  I didn’t sleep particulary well; I imagine this was due to worrying about missing the train.

In the shower, I managed to scratch the last wound that is not completely healed; the instrument port wound on my left side.  It bled for a while, but not too much and stopped quickly enough to allow me to put my shirt on and not get blood on it.  There is still a bit of redness behind the cut and I am starting to wonder if there may be a slight infection there, as the other wounds have healed over.

I turned out to be the only one present who had reviewed the document we were amending prior to the meeting; which meant that I was heavily involved in the discussion throughout the day.

The meeting finished an hour early, allowing me to get an earlier train.  On the way back I managed to read a magazine and not fall asleep, which was a small victory compared to recent journeys.

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