Safeguarding course

Although the option was open to me to take the train, I thought that driving  to Birmingham would be the easier option.  The day started badly, I knocked the scab off my last remaining wound in the shower and didn’t notice until the blood showed through my shirt.  I had to wait for the bleed to stop coming through the plaster before changing the shirt.  I set off at 7:30 for a 10:00 meeting, allowing extra time as I was expecting slow traffic.  Luckily, the radio informed me of an hours delay on the A38, so I took my less favoured route down the M1.  Unfortunately, there was a lane closure on the M1 and a crash on the M42; I went via the M69 and arrived a mere five minutes late.

The course was quite stressful, Safeguarding and Prevent, involving role-play with professional business actors.

We left thirty minutes before the advertised finish time only to find the Aston Expressway closed and gridlock around Birmingham.  I arrived home after another 2 ½ hours to a cup of tea.  The Kardia told me I was in AF, although not as bad a trace as previously; there still seems to be a noticeable P wave.

15-05-17 HR

Not sure whether this was related to the long day, the drive or the course, but I had not been feeling too good all day.  Finally back in NSR after a few hours; this is probably nothing to worry about.

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