Talk with research nurse

I needed to check on my Amiodarone usage; the discharge papers said discontinue after six weeks and my appointment with the doctor is at six weeks and a half.  I called the research nurse, to check.  There seems to have been an error with the papers and I should remain on the drug for at least three months.  I will need a repeat prescription, and should ask about it at my review session next week.

I also asked about the AF from yesterday. I was told it is not considered to be AF until at least three months after the procedure; I should just consider it to be my heart adjusting during the blanking period.

My second ablation will not be scheduled next week; I will have a further review at three months and will be placed on the waiting list then.  I may well be the first to undergo the second ablation as the previous person is struggling with warfarin and is not close to being suitable for the procedure

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