Six weeks post ablation

I am generally feeling a little better every week.  Looking back, I am so much livelier now than at week two, but even then I was so improved that I was ecstatic about my progress.

The last existing wound seems finally about to heal; I’m not sure whether there was a problem, but the scab has been loose and repeatedly came off in the shower.  I have been mainly in NSR with a few short instances of Arrhythmia but nothing to worry too much about.

The Amiodarone does not appear to have caused any problems, although people tell me how healthy I am looking, which possibly be due to excessive sun exposure.   Hopefully not, as I have been keeping indoors on the few sunny days we have had so far and venturing out covered in factor 50 and an unflattering cap on the cloudy days.

My six weekly review with the cardiologist is next week and will include an ECG and an X-ray.

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