Six-weekly review

X-ray, “Very good”; ECG, “Very good”; Blood pressure, “Very good”; Healing, “Nothing to worry about”; weight “OK”.

I had a long chat with the Cardiologist, (not Dr. Hunter).  For the first time in a consultation, I felt they were listening to what I said and not just going through the motions.  He was keen to hear about the occasions when I noticed the arrhythmia return, and decided I need to go on a 72 hour monitor sometime in the near future.  I still have a wound that loses the scab in the shower and bleeds; apparently this is also OK, not related to an infection, but probably something to do with the internal suture.

I am to stay on the Amiodarone and the Lansoprazole until my next review in another six weeks, and may be able to come off the Amiodarone at that time.  I need to be on the Lansoprazole until I come of the Rivaroxaban; it is apparently protecting against a internal bleed in the stomach.

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