Golf clubbed

It was set out to be another glorious June day, so I set off early for another canal ride.  I had been feeling very fit and healthy on recent rides.  I was not pushing it, but riding had seemed effortless and much faster.  Its just about three months after the ablation, so perhaps the blanking period is over and I am recovering fitness.  I decided to try the light slopes through Westwood and on to the golf club.  There is a spot where I normally stop to allow HR to drop, I thought it may be possible to ride through.

I was heading down the trail at some speed (Strava says 18 mph) through a gravelly chicane.  This was the point I realised CX tyres aren’t magic and still require skill to go fast round dodgy corners. The back wheel slipped and I hit a tree root, causing me to bounce high in the air and roll.  I had cuts to my arm and leg; arm continued a rivaroxaban bleed for quite a while, leg was fine.  I had also managed to bruise the top of both shoulders and re-activate the groin strain of a few weeks previously from which I had just about recovered.


Hottest day of the year

Today was scheduled to be a scorcher.

I went out early for 21 mile cycle along the flat and felt spectacularly well.

In the afternoon I was dragged out for a gentle walk.  It was 32°C and I was in long jeans, long sleeves, baseball cap and factor 50 to combat the amiodarone.  Ninety minutes and three miles later, I was exhausted.  I should have tried the Kardia to see if I was in AF, but I was so tired I didn’t even think of it.


Feeling better?

I am still feeling tired, and the effects of the beta-blocker mean that I am still out of breath at minimal effort, but I think I have suddenly hit a noticeable improvement.  I just feel generally more like normal.  I am regularly riding 25 miles on the flat and not struggling, I am finding it easy to keep to 130 BPM, even up small inclines or into headwinds.  At work last week I managed two flights of stairs without panting.

It may be psychological but it is a genuine feeling of a higher level of fitness.

Cycling weekly

My three-monthly review date was confirmed today as 12th July.

Cycling weekly today includes an article on heart problems.  This was probably written prior to the inclusion of my letter a few weeks ago.  The fitness editor appears to be developing AF, so far undiagnosed; this story could become a series.

CW 17-06-01