Three month review and LFT results

Appointment at Northern General to review my progress after 3 months.  Chest X-ray, ECG, Blood pressure and weight taken.  While waiting for the consultant to turn up I received a text from the local surgery asking me to call about the recent test results.  I responded immediately, thinking that there may be a problem with my liver due to the amiodarone and it would be better to find out before talking to the consultant.

Apparently I am fine; the GGT level has “stabilised” and I don’t need to take a follow up test for 6 months.  Current reading is 98, slightly above the recommendation of 61.  My chart is still showing good correlation with alcohol consumption, which is good as I haven’t had a drink since early March and won’t have one until three months after the second op.

My heart and health are also fine.  I am scheduled for the second op; possibly as soon as August 14, depending on the availability of anaesthetists. This will involve mapping my heart and ensuring that the lesions made previously have not left any pathways.  If they have, they will be fixed there and then.  My consultant assures me that this will be a full Cox-Maze IV lesion set and said there was a 90% chance of 12 years AF free.  (I can only find evidence online that suggests 66% at three years).

I can stop taking the amiodarone and lansaprozole (obviously not protection against the rivaroxaban as I was informed recently) from today.  The anticoagulant can be stopped three months after the second op, at which the bisoprolol will be reviewed.

alcohol and GGT 12-07

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