Cold and amiodarone

I came down with a streaming nose yesterday and it developed into a cough this morning.  A bit worried about the pulmonary toxicity of amiodarone, but my symptoms are purely head cold rather than something more serious.  I considered the amiodarone; how long will it take to get out of my bloodstream?

The chemical half life is on average 58 days, which means every day I process 1.8% out of my system.  I have been loading up with 200mg per day for 96 days.  I plotted my body’s response on a graph.

Amiodarone HL

At a peak, I had 11.5 grammes running around my body when I stopped on July 12th.  This will slowly decrease, taking me until December 10th to reduce it to 2 grammes (which took me ten days to build up to.   It will take me until February 5th to reduce to one gramme and until June 20th 2018 to get back to 200 mg, which is just one days dose.  It will not be until March 2019, twenty-three months after taking the first tablet, that I should be down in single figures of mg.

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