Cancelled part two

I am still irrationally angry about this, but am told that this is a common reaction.  I feel there is a major psychological side to it.  There is an element of having prepared myself for a traumatic experience (I was not expecting this procedure to be much of a problem, but the first one was difficult so it must be there in my subconcious).  But mainly, I was excited and happy to have the final hurdle in sight.  Then it was suddenly snatched away.

My main problem is work.  They have been very good to me, with time off, reduced workload and overlooking some of my memory lapses.  However, on Thursday I travelled to Norfolk (230 mile and 6 hour round trip) to brief staff about an accreditation visit taking place on Monday.  I will now be able to attend the visit, so all this time and effort by everyone involved was wasted.

I had cleared the next three weeks of the training and consultancy work that I do so I could have two weeks off, then a gentle reintroduction working from home.  Some of this work has been reallocated internally, some has had to be subcontracted out at £750 a day; I am now available to do some of this work, but due to contractual arrangements, we would still have to pay the contractors.

The doctor had promised me a slot on 5th October, possibly earlier, but I have heard nothing official.  Those weeks are now clear of work, because I expected to be recovering.   I now need to clear work from the weeks afterwards, but can’t justify doing this until I have an official date.

My boss is very understanding and they have been very good to me over the last 15 months, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their patience is wearing a little thin.



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