Second ablation

Another £25 taxi to get me to the hospital for 7:00 a.m.  I was admitted and all details completed quickly, everybody seems to remember me, the nurse at reception seems particularly pleased to see me.

By 7:45 a.m. I am gowned up and wheeled off to the waiting room outside the catheter lab.  The admission nurse here also remembers my name, but can’t quite place me.  He suddenly realises that I was cancelled from a couple of weeks previously.  I suspect that the Dr in charge of the clinical trial has had a word and ensured that my procedure goes ahead; there are only four days left in the six month window.

I am walked into the cath lab.  I am surrounded by highly technical equipment, lots of white shiny stuff, 50 inch monitors and banks of electronics making ping noises.  I am surprised to use a supermarket style hop-up as a ladder to access the operating table.

It took quite a long time to be prepared, but everything was calm and reassuring.  I was given the anaesthetic and suddenly it was 12:15 p.m and I woke to find the catheter sheaths were about to be removed.  Everything appeared to have gone well.

I wasn’t looking forward to the next four hours of compulsory lying still.  However, I barely noticed it, I was in and out of consciousness and the time was up before I knew it.  I was cleaned up and moved to a normal ward bay.

The Electrophysiologist came to see me and was very happy with how it how gone; he had discovered electrical reconnection on two of the pulmonary veins, so ablated these and performed a CTI for Atrial Flutter (which I wasn’t aware that I had) and a box lesion set on the posterior atrial wall.

It was a long procedure, so he wanted me to stay in overnight.  I would need an echocardiogram at 8:00 p.m. to check for fluid around the heart; as long this was OK, I would be allowed to go home in the morning.

ECG trace a bit wobbly, but no AF and no ectopics.

AF trace 05-10

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