Almost back to work

Ablation +13 Decided to do no exercise today

Last day before return to work; I have the AF support group at NGH between 10:00 a.m. and noon, but the surgery has scheduled my MED3 interview by phone at 10:55 a.m.  I decide to attend the AF meeting, sitting near the door to be able to answer the phone.  I arrive at the hospital at 09:35, but can’t get a parking spot.  I camp out in a car park but no-one returns to collect a car.  At 10:05 I note that even if I get a spot in the next five minutes, I would have to disrupt the meeting two or three times and decide to return home.  In the event, the telephone consultation doesn’t take place until 3:00 p.m.

The leaflet from the hospital said that I should not lift heavy weights, play squash or cycle for ten days; it does not specifically say that I can do this on day 11 but it was inferred.  All the advice from most former patients suggests that they have been told to take it very easy.  Some claim to have been told that early exercise had adversely affected their ablations, resulting in electrical reattachment of the pulmonary veins.

I have decided that I will take it steady; none of this may be true, but why risk it for the sake of a couple of weeks.  So, no bike until Saturday (Ablation day +17) and then, just an easy trip to Staveley basin and back.  I have four weeks until my review with Dr. Hunter. I will await his advice.

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