Blood test results

GGT now exactly the same as 6 months ago, despite no alcohol and no Amiodarone (although there is probably still 3 grams in my system).  Now on 100 with a recommendation of 8 – 61. Not quite sure what this means for me; “Abnormal, but expected, Other (improved on previous results)” according to my medical record.

It is possible that the drugs I am taking are having an effect, but Bisoprolol is not hepatotoxic, and although Rivaroxaban can be, it leads to increased bilirubin and ALT as well as GGT.  It is possible to see the GGT as a fall from a high level in early 2016, due to previous excess alcohol working out of my system and then reaching a plateau above normal due to the Rivaroxaban, but this is not really borne out by the other results.

GGT Oct17

I think I may have to distill this down and ask for advice from Dr. Hunter at my review in a couple of weeks.

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