1:15 p.m. appointment for echo-cardiogram at the Northern General.  I arrive at a different entrance to normal due to traffic control.  I am at the opposite site of the hospital, but see a couple of spaces in the car park and decide a walk would be easier than finding a closer space.  I follow the road around the hospital so I am sure of where I am going.

The echo itself was simple, although it took half an hour and I was soon walking back to the car park.  I walked through the hospital, looking for a short cut which did not appear to exist.

I am back in two days time to see the cardiologist and have a few more tests: X-ray, ECG, blood pressure and an armful of bloods (wouldn’t it have been better to organise the bloods for today so the results would be available at the consultation?)


Kardia ECG seems a bit wobbly.  The first missed beat above is twice the normal length; an ectopic?  The second one is a short followed by a long beat, both together are the length of two normal beats; Premature Atrial Contraction?  Perhaps this is completely  normal and I am just hyper aware at the moment.

Hopefully after Wednesday it will clear whether there is still a problem.  I expect to be given a clean bill of health, relatively speaking, and be able to stop the anticoagulants.  Then a further six weeks on, I may be able to stop the Bisoprolol.

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