Six week visit to Cardiologist

I missed an important meeting about the future of our organisation today.  A major announcement is to be made, and employees are being asked to travel to a hub office on a three line whip.  The meeting for my section is in Norfolk, 120 miles away from me.   I declined to attend due to a prearranged hospital visit, which ties in with two other hospital appointments on Monday and Friday.

Adding to the stress of the announcement was the journey to the hospital and the difficulty in finding a parking space.  My blood pressure was measured at 145/85 as opposed to around 120/75 normally.

The visit to the Cardiologist was short and sweet.  He outlined what he and the Electrophysiologist had done and explained how closely the lesion set aligns with the Cox Maze IV.  His experience of the Cox Maze in open heart surgery is of a 90% success rate after twenty years (I am not convinced by this statistic, but still, it’s a hope to cling to.)  The object of the trial was to prove that a similar rate can be achieved by non-invasive hybrid surgery.

Apparently, he is confident that the procedures have been a success.  I can stop the Rivaroxaban and Bisoprolol immediately.  I can get slowly get back to proper exercise; I do not have to remain restricted to a HR of less than 130, but no high intensity work for a while.  I do not need to keep off alcohol and coffee, just ensure I keep it in moderation; although I will stay off alcohol until Xmas to give the Amiodarone time to dissipate.  The ectopics I have been experiencing are most likely harmless; I will have to wear a holter monitor for the next 48 hours to check, but there is no cause for concern.

My next appointment is in six months, I will have to have a TOE to check the Atriclip on my Left Atrial Appendage, but apart from that everything seems fine.

It is very nearly two years since my symptoms appeared, but it finally appears to be sorted.

I am very happy today.



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