Mother’s ECG

My mother had a fall and needed the paramedics.  They had an ECG from a couple of weeks ago.  Fast AF.  This trace was very similar to some of mine pre-ablation.

Mothers ecg

My mother has known she has had an arrhythmia for over 40 years but was told nothing could be done about it.  This ECG shows AF meaning she should at least have been on Warfarin years ago, and explains the TIAs that she has recently experienced.

I am also wandering about causality.  There are many possible causes or triggers of AF and some of the most likely are: alcohol, endurance exercise, caffeine/stimulants, sleep apnoea, obesity,  stress and other pre-existing heart issues.  I have a brother and a sister and we all have a lot of these in common, but my mother and I are the only two suffering from AF.  My mother doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee, but the rest of us do (a lot).  All three of us have demanding stressful jobs.  The only factor I have in common with my mother that is not shared by my siblings is bike racing.  This looks like confirmation that exercise is the cause.

AF Factors

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