After talking to many fellow sufferers over the last two years, I believe my experience was relatively atypical.  I have never understood the feeling of “palpitations” or most people’s experiences that lead them to A&E.  For a couple of years pre-diagnosis I had assumed my exercise induced attacks were just lack of fitness due to me getting older. Even when I experienced a HR of 250, I assumed that the monitor was faulty.  I never felt particularly ill.

After diagnosis, the Bisoprolol I was given had more of an effect on my fitness than the AF; almost immediately, I became breathless on slight exertion.

I was expecting that today, I would be free of both AF and beta-blocker and would feel much better.  However, I woke to a racing heart and a feeling of bouncing in my chest. According to the Kardia, my HR was 100 and very regular.  After a shower and breakfast, the HR was still the same, but the feeling had gone.  I will mention it as I hand back my holter monitor later today.

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