I am feeling much better again today.  Blood pressure back to normal, but pulse still very high.  Before diagnosis, my resting HR was 57.  With Bisoprolol, it was 45.  After the first ablation it was around 75.  After the second it was up to 80 and is now at 100.  It will take about nine months to come back to normal.

When I started the Bisoprolol, the effects on my fitness were immediate: fatigue, memory/concentration loss and breathlessness on very little exertion.  It was worse than the effects of AF.  I was looking forward to a world without beta-blockers; I expected to suddenly jump to a higher level of fitness, a reversal of the immediate loss of fitness when I started them.  Unfortunately, this has not happened.  So far there is very little difference.  It looks like a long haul back to fitness.  On the plus side, ultimately, I should be much closer to my normal level than I believed possible 18 months ago.

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