Three month review

I did not have an official review three months after the second procedure as the Cardiologist did not think it was necessary after my six week review; my next visit is in April, which will unfortunately include a TOE to check the Atriclip.

Overall, I am much improved on how I was two years ago, and am far better than I ever expected or even hoped for.  I don’t actually feel any better after the second one than before it, but the EP had severed re-connections on two of the pulmonary veins and dealt with Atrial Flutter so there must have been a further improvement.  The biggest bonus is no longer being on the drugs; no need to take Anticoagulants because of the Atriclip and no need for the bisoprolol as the AF is no longer present

I have tried alcohol; no effect from one or two units, but got a little carried away on New Year’s Eve and regretted it.

My current resting HR is around 90BPM, compared with 57BPM before I went into persistent AF.  I am not sure how much of this is due to inflammation and how much is a drop in fitness level.

I am still struggling for fitness; I am not pushing too hard on the bike, but I am still slow and walking is more of an effort than it should be.  I will continue light exercise and see in April what the views of the cardiologist are on my steadily increasing my efforts.


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