100 days of recovery

It was 100 days post ablation on Saturday 13th.  I am all but signed off by the Cardiologist, but still apprehensive about trying to get back to normal.  I am currently exercising fairly regularly but I am still in the blanking period, so keeping my HR to a peak of 160 (generally averaging 140 during exercise).  I am doing similar distances at a similar level of effort as I was at the same time period after the first procedure.  I am ½ mph slower, but then the weather is much worse and the ground is wet and energy sapping.

On Sunday, I tried the road bike for the first time in a year.  It was nice not to get muddy, but I did feel restricted on the hillier parts.  It wasn’t a problem going uphill with a 36 x 28, but my progress was slow.

I am about 5Kg heavier than six months ago, mainly due to reduced exercise and indulgence in comfort foods; ironic considering I haven’t been drinking. I now need to get back to a reasonable level of fitness, without risking a return to AF.

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