Return to cardiology looming

I am not sure of when my appointment with my cardiologist will be, but it should be at some point in the first three weeks of April.  I will have a TOE (Trans-oesophageal echocardiogram) to check that the LAA closure has properly healed along with the usual ECG etc.  I suspect that this may involve two visits.

As I am now feeling much improved and have not had any AF-like symptoms since New Year’s Day, I have decided that it would be appropriate to notch up the exercise level slightly.   If it gives me a problem, it would be better to happen before my scheduled appointment rather than after.

The singlespeed is now going to be mothballed in favour of my Bianchi (winter bike fitted with mudguards) which means no more canal banks, instead, I will be back on the road.

I managed 28 miles on Saturday and 34 miles on Sunday.  I headed out east to avoid the steep hills of the Peak District and was taking it steady, with no sprinting and I was sticking to the small ring for most of the ride.  In fact, I was in the bail-out gear on some of the relatively gentle slopes, but still managed total climbs of 1800 and 2150 feet respectively.  I generally felt quite good, and progress on the flat was brilliant, but I think the hills were a struggle due to a general lack of fitness rather than heart issues.

Interestingly, I last did the Sunday route in July 2017, when I felt recovered from my first ablation.  Even though this was in nice weather with my best bike and summer clothing, I was still ½ a mile faster on average yesterday.  I think this bodes well for my future recovery.

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