Blood tests

My GGT is now down to 96, which is the lowest since I first started being tested in April 2016.  Perhaps this could have been lower, but is a little elevated after the several drinks I had four days previously at a school reunion (we left school 39 years ago!).

There was talk at the reunion of the Scarlet Fever epidemic in our school and the local area.  In the fifties, before I was born, this disease had resulted in the hospitalisation of a large percentage of our village.  When I caught it in 1970, antibiotic treatment had improved significantly and it was no longer life threatening, although the outbreak caused considerable concern in the older population.   Here is a picture of me on my preferred mode of transport at the time.


I did a little research and Scarlet Fever does have an effect on the liver, massively raising enzyme levels.  However, they return to normal after treatment.

I am still puzzled as to the cause of the high GGT; the spike in January 2017 suggests alcohol.  However, my test result of 98 in October 2017 came after 250 days without alcohol, so possibly another cause could also be the remains of the amiodarone in my system.  This may not be borne out by the evidence as the 6th July reading of 99 was taken when the maximum amount of it was in my system.

alcohol and GGT 27-03-18

Perhaps it is the alcohol I consumed several years ago which caused the damage and has only just returned to something approaching normal.  The Doctors don’t seem particularly concerned about it and I have severely moderated my earlier habits in order to avoid the return of AF.   A watching brief remains; I have another test scheduled for September.


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