Trans Oesophageal Echocardiogram

I was again poorly motivated during the morning wait for the TOE.  However, most people at work and those likely to contact me were off prior to the Bank Holiday, so not too many issues to respond to.

I found myself drawn to bike radar, where a member had been taken into hospital with fast AF.  It is surprisingly popular these days.

As expected, the TOE was quite unpleasant, although forgoing the sedative meant that I was not stuck in the hospital for an extended period of time the day before a bank holiday.  I was given a new anaesthetic, only introduced to the hospital that week.  It tasted pleasantly of toothpaste rather than the horrific fake banana flavoured one used previously; I also think it was more effective.

They were down there for about 15 minutes; I kept hearing good words like sinus, but really couldn’t concentrate on exactly what was being said.  Afterwards I asked whether they had measured the left atrium (previously 37ml/m2 instead of a healthy maximum of 28).  He said they hadn’t calculated, but it was “prominent”.  They decided it was worth doing an ECG while I was there, “for completeness”.

There was no queue; I think they were winding down for the Bank Holiday.  At the end of the ECG I asked if it was normal, he hummed (positively?).  I said I expected sinus rhythm with perhaps a couple of ectopics.  He hummed again and said that really, he was not allowed to say anything.  I was a little concerned because my ECG had recently been a little wobbly after the T wave.

HR 29-03-18

The worst of it looks like this; this is not quite how it would look with flutter, but definitely not textbook flat. I wasn’t particularly worried before; I thought it may be interference, but now I am starting to get a little paranoid.

HR 29-03-18 wobbly ST

I still don’t have a date for the meeting with cardiologist, but earlier this year he said probably one of the first three Wednesdays in April.

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