One year after ablation

It is now exactly a year since my first ablation, and 26 months after entering Persistent AF.  I am now due for my next visit to the consultant 6 months after my second (and hopefully final) ablation.  My TOE was over a week ago, but I still haven’t received notification of a date; just before Xmas, I was told that it would be on a Wednesday, the first couple of weeks in April.

Overall, I feel “cured”; I am on no medication, I have no issues with excessive thirst and urination, my blood pressure is normal and my resting HR is steady, although 20 BPM higher than two years ago.  This should return to normal within 9 months of an ablation, but appears to have hit a plateau at the moment.

HR Relaxed 18-04-07

I have returned to the road bike, but heading east for the relatively flat lands; only 60 ft/mile of climbing.  I am staying at an average HR of 145 with a max of 160; I managed my first ride of more than 15 mph this weekend, I am quite pleased with this.

I do not want to try any harder without the Cardiologists advice; everything seems OK, but I am just worried about the slightly lumpy ECG on the Kardia.  Hopefully it is nothing unusual.




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