Kardia says AF

I went out for a 35 mile road ride yesterday.  I took it quite steady with an average HR of 138 and a max of 160.  Later, I visited my mother in hospital, which was quite stressful; she is recovering from an operation on her broken hip and has just come out of a period of post-op delirium and back into her normal TIA induced mild dementia.  She had fallen out with the staff, and was frustrated that she wasn’t getting any better.  She was also upset with me as I refused to take her home.  She told me I was written out of her will.  This is not really a problem as there won’t be much left after the care home fees, and anyway, she was convinced I was my brother.

While I was waiting outside for the nurses to try to get her to stand for toilet purposes.  I took out my phone and tried the Kardia.  I was shocked that it said possible AF.

18-04-15 AF

Apart from the PAC on the left, this seems normal with a slight P wave.  I took another reading straight after which looked the same, but read as normal, followed by another similar one 20 minutes later which also read as possible AF.  These AF readings actually looked a little better than recent ones, e.g. from a few days previously.


There had been a bit of noise on the trace for the last month, including at about the time I went for my TOE.


Prior to this, there had been the occasional dirty trace, but I wasn’t worried, I thought it could have been interference.


There was some noise on earlier traces, including the one prior to the six week check up.


This was not quite as bad as just after the second ablation.


Something similar can be seen from traces after the blanking period from the first ablation.  Here are two traces from the same day, the morning seems perfect, but the afternoon has a noisy trace.



None of this is anywhere near as bad as the pre-ablation trace.

17-04-05 HR

I am not now sure what to make of this; perhaps I just need a new battery in the Kardia.  I called the hospital to find out that they only received my TOE through this morning and my next Cardiology appointment is for 16th May; just four more weeks to wait.

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