Unwell mother

My mother has been very unwell recently.  She was working until her late 70s, by choice, not necessity, but her health started to dip a couple of years ago at the age of 84.  We suspect her longstanding AF had something to do with it; perhaps TIAs were caused by AF related clots leading to confusion and inability to walk.

Recently she broke her hip in the care home and was admitted to hospital.  After a couple of weeks of rest she had gone seriously downhill and become unresponsive.  She has deep vein thrombosis causing serious swelling to one arm, a chest infection and they have just discovered and aggressive tumour in her breast.  We were called into hospital yesterday and told that they would not be continuing any treatments and they would “make her comfortable”.  She was on so much morphine that she did not really wake up and we left the hospital that evening expecting to receive a phone call at any time.

I left for work at 6:40 in the morning; there had been no news overnight.

I was working in a secure area and phones were not allowed on site.  At 4:00 I returned to the car and turned on the phone.  There was a text from my sister.  My mother had recovered, was very talkative and was eating.  She had been moved from the hospital back to the care home.  I dropped in on the way home and she was fine; completely unaware of how ill she had been the day before.

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