Two weeks to go

My Cardiology appointment for the 16th May has been brought forward to 10th May.  I have no idea why, he is only supposed to take consultations on Wednesdays.  He has had my results from the Echo and ECG for more than a week, so it is possible that he saw something warranting an early visit, but I doubt it for the sake of 6 days.

I had a few further Kardia diagnosed AF issues in the last week.   On 17th April, I took five tests, one was “unclassified” the rest were “normal” (but with a large number of PACs).  On the following day, I took eight tests:  one possible AF (seems to have a p wave), one unclassified (again with lots of PACs).

My heart has largely settled down again since then.  All readings have been “normal”.  I am not panicking now; at first I thought there was a third ablation on the horizon already, but it is only six months from the conclusion of the treatment, so perhaps I can expect a few blips.  Looking back to before the first op my ECG traces were ridiculous and every time I tried to exercise, my heart would race to above my tested max.  What I have now is so very close to normality in comparison.

I have wondered about my surgeon’s competence with the mini-maze; this is generally touted as near as possible to a cure, and yet mine produced lots of flutter and PACs.  I decided to see if I could find any recent research or articles referring to my situation.

One paper I had not seen before was from Guezebrook et al (2015)

The paper suggested that the procedure was very effective with 82% not experiencing more than 30 seconds  of AF after one year and 90% were either drug free or only on anticoagulant.  Unlike catheter ablation, the success rate appears not to be affected by the experience of the surgeon, cardiologists new to arrhythmia are expected to achieve the same success rate.

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