Cardiologist visit at last

I returned to the NGH for my six-monthly review (after seven months). I experienced the usual production line feel: X-ray, ECG, Blood pressure, halter monitor fitted, but then hit a hiatus as I waited for the Dr. He was delayed by an hour due to another patient being seen in an emergency due to a suspicious ECG. This was reassuring as it meant that I had not been brought forward for any particular reason.

The consultation was quite pleasing; my atrium is slowly shrinking back towards normal size, The Left Atrial Appendage is closed and healed, the rhythm is good and so is my reaction to exercise. My HR is still elevated (resting at around 80, where it used to be 57). Most sources say this should return to normal within 6 to 9 months, but my cardiologist says 12 to 18 months is more realistic. I showed him some recent Kardia readings which had been highlighted by the app as possible AF. Apparently, they were not, and are nothing to worry about.

I am now allowed to carry on as normal; I think this means normal for a normal person, not an exercise addict like myself. No extreme HR (up to 160 and perhaps a little higher is OK, but I have to monitor it and stop if it rises suddenly or does not fall when exertion level is reduced). He seems confident that my AF will not return, for many years at least. I have to return the monitor on Monday, but he does not expect it to reveal any problems. I will need to return in November for another 48 hour monitor, but this is just because I will be subject to the research project for the next three years. If it had been a normal treatment process, I would have been discharged today.

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