Lack of focus

I have not been focused at work for the last ten days, due to the death my mother and at about the same time, the good news from cardiology.  These two extremes have left me a little conflicted, happy and down at the same time.

I am wary of returning to full gas cycling, I believe the AF was caused by continuous intensive exercise from running, cycling, squash and gym from the mid–eighties to the nineties.  I have long thought that I did not take enough recovery periods during this time, although up until the AF I thought the only issue was my fitness hitting a plateau.  I am continuing to limit my HR to 160, with little spikes up to 165.  I haven’t gone back to the track yet, where efforts are shorter and more intense, as visible monitor screens are not allowed.  I have replaced the freewheel on the singlespeed with a smaller fixed sprocket, mainly for maintenance reasons, which gives a new gear of 61” instead of 58”.  I am looking forward to trying it out; I am enjoying the bike too much to retire it.

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