Another wobbly trace: bike related?

One completely normal trace last night and another in the morning.  A very wobbly trace again in the afternoon; this time after a 30 flat but fast bike ride. 18-06-01 HR

Again this settled down fairly quickly, but this was taken 10 minutes after I got off my bike.  A test a few hours later was completely normal; I have had no alcohol for a few days (although I was above the guidance levels for the weekend), but perhaps exercise is causing it?

2 thoughts on “Another wobbly trace: bike related?

  1. i’m so sorry you’re having these arrhythmias. How do you do the EKG at home? I was feeling lots of arrhythmias last week, and it would’ve been nice to be able to check out home. It wasn’t bad enough to go to the hospital.

    What are the guidelines regarding alcohol? I haven’t had any in a long time and miss it.


  2. I am not actually feeling them; I feel perfectly healthy. The base rhythm here is perfectly stable, just that I am using my ECG/EKG as an early warning system. I had a 48 hour halter monitor last month (although it only recorded 24 hours because of software failure) and everything was fine.
    My ECG is the kardia from Alivecor
    It produces a single lead ECG that is medically approved and in the past my Electrophysiologist has interpreted charts taken by it.

    The general advice on alcohol is to take in moderation only. In the UK there are guidelines:14 units (equivalent to a bottle of wine) per week, no more than 4 units per day and have several alcohol free days per week.


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